Your Milk is Magic – Breastfeeding Workshop and IBCLC talk


Come and absorb the warmth, honesty, and WISDOM of Lynette Huckstead and Emma Maher. Both of our honoured presenters are local (retired and newly graduated), Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants with a strong passion for supporting women and families.

This workshop will be the Hunter Lactation Event of the Decade!

Lynette Anne Huckstadt will share her life story as a private lactation consultant in the Hunter, we will be blessed to hear about her career, herself, her humanity, her feelings and her trials and tribulations (Lynettes’ will go for about 20 – 30 minutes and will also include valuable breastfeeding wisdoms and learnings).

Next, Emma Maher will have her big public debut as a IBCLC and educator to our pregnant women and guests. Emma is newly studied and graduated as an IBCLC with all the latest knowledge and will share the top tips of breastfeeding/lactation. Lynette will be by her side throughout, weaving her knowledge and experiences into the workshop interactively.

About Emma:

Empowered Lactation with Emma

Emma Maher – IBCLC, Registered Midwife and Child and Family Health Nurse

Empowering you to have confidence in your own breastfeeding journey. Providing individualised up to date antenatal education and postnatal support to you.

Insta- @empoweredlactation_withemma

Newcastle NSW

More about the Sunday workshop:

Participants will be part of something special and unique as they witness the cycle of wisdom, from the retired IBCLC to the newly fledged IBCLC and onwards into the audience.

The Positive Birth Movement Newcastle are very proud and excited to have brought together this event for the community! And ask to to kindly help support our rent with a donation of $20 per woman/couple. (please leave any mobile children to enjoy their freedom at home with other family members, babes on laps okay to come with mum).

Message the Positive Birth Movement Newcastle for booking your spot.

Or text Natalie on 0406 934 645