March: Pregnancy, Parent and Birthie Circle – for support and information

March: Pregnancy, Parent and Birthie Circle – for support and information.

This March the topic of discussion is: “What’s birth really like?”.

We can’t wait to hear the variety of answers!

In a well facilitated circle, you will gather with other pregnant women, partners, women who have come to share their positive births and birth learnings, plus, “birthies” (a affectionate term to describe professionals whose passion is birth and womens’ health).

If you feel unsure, shy or anxious, you can rest assured that the facilitators are friendly, approachable and warm hearted. Meetings are also run in a very structured format that allow all participants to feel relaxed and at ease.

When participants head home, they feel a buzz with the feeling that they just attended something very unique and special.

It is these globally networked, monthly meetings, that make The Positive Birth Movement famous around the world.

To book your spot: No bookings required, just drop in, all free 🙂 (You just need to devote your energy, time and commitment, and in return you will gain great value and a unique life experience from attending the event).

Light snacks will also be provided. Bring something to share if the inspiration hits!


One Precious Day, birth course, hypnobirthing highlights + more.

By popular demand and to raise funds for the Positive Birth Movement, Natalie Meade is running this course as a special, opportunity not-for-profit event. You can gain a spot for the donated amount of only $100* (A day course of this quality and content is normally valued between $220-$380 when taught privately).

*Your support team or person comes along at no cost.

Date: Sunday, November 24th, 2019.

Times: 9.15 am – 4.30/5pm

Location: Pachamama House, Hamilton.

Address: 21 Gordon Avenue, Hamilton.

Atmosphere: Down to earth, relaxed, real and fun.

Final detail: This course will combine (for the morning) with the five week Hypnobirthing + Extras course mums and dads as well. They will then head home at midday and we will continue all day.

If it sounds too good to be true to you…

Ways to donate more money: After completion of the course/after your birth, please feel free to donate to the Positive Birth Movement Newcastle as a “pay what you gain” amount. You could chose the value the course has had in your life and make any further donations you wish, any money you contribute to the group, helps us to keep the doors open longer to continue to emotionally support local pregnant women during their journey to motherhood.

You might also be interested in donating a one off amount of $200 and gaining yourself a VIP, ALL ACCESS PASS, valid for six months of workshops! (just ask more about it when you are booking)

Either way we are just glad that you can enjoy the service we provide regardless of any donation abilities. 🙂

Sunday Sessions

The Positive Birth Movement (global movement) has a group right here in Newcastle.  The group is very active and offering many services affordably and even free at their physical space at Hamilton!Every Sunday the space is hosting workshops, courses and events, for the benefit of the community, at affordable suggested donation amounts. Donations contribute directly to the rent for the space.Come and support the great things that are happening and come and join the movement!