honouring birth as
emotional and spiritual -
as well as physical.

birth newcastle
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Our Rich History

Our services and mission date back nearly thirty years! That’s thirty years of advocating for women’s choices, rights and informed decision making.

We are busy compiling the long history of the group and its purpose! But sadly we are constrained by the time factor and volunteers work loads! More will be published as soon as we can.

Who we support:

No matter where you are birthing, no matter what style of birth… and no matter who your medical care providers are.

We are an additional layer of educational and emotional support, available to you!

Newcastle Birth Movement
About Us:

We are here to listen to you – your feelings, your needs, your dreams (and your fears too).

We exist inside a large, shared community building named Pachamama House (meaning “Mother Earth”).

We have beautiful lounges, a resident massage therapist and a preloved maternity and baby clothing recycling room.

Treasure hunt and donate to take items home – help us raise our rent costs and help reduce your ecological footprint.

For our events we have full use of the main buildings’ workshop rooms and yoga space.

We provide free birth doula Q&A; free birth counsellor debriefs; and other supports too!

How we work:

We are run by professional volunteers, passion and fundraising.

Our volunteers and friends include: birth doulas; midwives; birth educators; counsellors; natural health experts; massage therapists; and a variety of other pregnancy and family professionals and specialists.

Enjoy not-for-profit workshops and courses – and by doing so – help us cover our costs.

(Dads, partners and other family members, all very welcome). our

birth newcastle
"Hello.... Dad!?"

enjoy our warm and welcoming culture.

Supporting all births and all women towards positive birth experiences.
newcastle birth

Positive + Wisdoms, Birth Story Circles

Bringing together women who have birthed,
pregnant women, supporters and local birth workers.

All meetings run with an experienced facilitator, creating a warm, welcoming, non judgmental space. A small five dollar donation secures your spot and contributes to our rent!

newcastle birth

Tues, Wed and Thurs: Drop-in service, 10.30am - 12 noon

Ring, email or drop in and ask about our free: doula; birth counsellor; and birth educator, sessions.

newcastle birth

Not-for-profit workshops (weekends, days, nights)

Local experts run a huge variety of awesome workshops to fundraise
rent for the Newcastle Birth Movement space!

Including Hypnobirthing Courses 🙂

newcastle birth

Pregnancy and mums circles, baby development + more!

Prenatal Yoga on Saturdays
Mums and Bubs yoga on Tuesdays
Six week, facilitated mums and bubs workshop programs.
Homebirth (and homebirth curious) mums group on wednesdays


We do it all for you!

birth newcastle

“I was so thrilled to discover and be able to attend these birth meetings during my pregnancies! I loved connecting with the community, sharing stories, gaining insightful information and feeling empowered in my choices around pregnancy and birth. The friendships I made were strong and they continue to flourish to this day”.


We do it all for you!

birth newcastle
Robert Dawson, A New Dad

“Relaxed meetings with great facilitation which makes everyone attending feel welcome and supported, including partners. In the meetings I’ve been to, the discussions have been informative and positive. Mothers and partners can share their experiences with the group if they like, and others can benefit”.

Some of our friendly team/supporters!

newcastle birth movement

How to find us

We are a community wide, community-inclusive movement!

Free drop-in support service

(Closed Mondays and Fridays)
Open Tues, Wed, Thurs visit our "Doula on Duty" from 10.30am - 12 noon.

PLUS, Saturday and Sunday by Appointment

Call: 0490-BIRTHI
(0490 247 844)
Or Natalie: 0406 934 645

(please leave a message if we cant answer, we WILL get back to you)